Daily Dump: Ohio Bobcats Gatorade Shower Fail, How To Make Homemade Four Loko, Dickie V Pissed Off At Bielema, Flyers’ Fans Pissed Off At Bieber, Ocho Proposes, LeBron On Vick Bandwagon, Best Boobs At Latin Grammys & Salma Hayek NSFW


Candice leaves us speechless via this gallery of various poses.

• Um, it’s early but Ohio State going on the road and destroying Florida should serve notice to the rest of the Big Ten and college basketball.

• We were so sad to see Jeff Reed was cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers. It had been such a love affair between Busted Coverage and Jeffy. Our favorite Jeff photos came from the night he kicked the shit out of the towel dispenser at a gas station. The NFL could use more characters like Reed.

• Oh, so MLB is ‘likely’ to expand its playoffs for 2012? More like this shit is going to happen as soon as the winter meetings get started. The owners need to quit being pricks and allow Sunday doubleheaders followed by Monday off days. Likewise, the players union better get its shit together, too. Give fans a little bonus for their money. Two games, one price.

• Tonight’s college football choices: four teams, two MAC games, combined W-L record…14-26….highlighted by the 0-10 Akron Zips trying to get a victory vs. Miami (O.). Feel the excitement!

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Today’s Dump:

…we get started with the worst Gatorade shower of all time turned in by the Ohio Bobcats last night in Philadelphia. The guys prepare to drench the coach but can’t figure out if they’ve won the MAC East. We’re not shitting you. [Cosby Sweaters]

Before we go any further: How To Make Homemade Four Loko [BroBible]

WTF? Dickie V actually calling out Wisky for running it up on IU? That’s a first. [Twitter]

The Hottest Redskins Fan At The MNF Game [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Philadelphia Flyers’ fans are pissed off because of this Justin Bieber photo [Puck Daddy]

Ocho actually proposes to one of those chicks from his reality show (ring photo must be seen) [Shutdown Corner]

What All The Gay Sports Fans Are Yapping About: the English rugby player on the U.K.’s DWTS kissing one of the judges [OutSports]

The Hottest Star Spangled Banner Ever – Cowboys cheerleaders sing anthem before Pacquiao fight [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

Of course LeBron is bandwagoning the Mike Vick train via Twitter [Crossing Broad]

Figures: Esquire’s Scott Raab not credentialed by Miami Heat because he’s a hater [SB Nation]

We’re Calling Bullshit: Jon Gruden is totally stoked to be working the Outback Bowl [Sportress]

Semi-hot Texas Tech soccer booty house party in case you care [FratHouse]

Bristol Palin & The Situation tell you they support abstinence…via..[Linkiest]

Today’s Tail:

The Biggest Boobs At The Latin Grammys! Holy shit! [BoobieBlog]

Playboy’s Brittany Ireland talks shit about guys on Facebook & women who act like they enjoy sports (nice elbow bra in the gallery) [Smoking Jacket]

Your HD NSFW Salma Hayek Photos Of The Day [Nudography]

Kate Middleton bikini photos to peruse in case you care what the future Queen looks like in a two-piece [Coed]

Tron’s Beau Garrett sucking down a Heineken in her bikini for Esquire [Esquire]

Christina Hendricks exposing that salad to her fans who haven’t seen the cleav in awhile [Guyism]

An Appreciation of Exposed Midriffs [Manofest]

Vegas pool party girls: Fake, real or you could care fucking less? An exposé [Uncoached]

Tooshie Tuesday in case you missed it [Funtasticus]

The Best Facebook Undies You’ll See All Day [OneQuickBeer]

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