Carrie Small – The Hottest Mom In Lingerie Football League History – Suffers Freak Season-Ending Injury

Busted Coverage was sad to see the news out of Tampa this week that our Hottest Mom In Lingerie Football League History has been sidelined for the year with two broken bones in three places and a dislocated ankle, according to the Fort Myers News-Press.

Did she suffer the injuries while navigating a bikini runway?


Nope, those broken bones occurred during lingerie football practice.

“She will be off her feet for three months before she can be put into a walking cast,” her boyfriend, Ryan Richeal, wrote The News-Press in an e-mail. “She is lucky to not have lost her foot, but can possibly be fully recovered in a year’s time. She was doing a pass blocking drill and it was a freak accident with her cleat getting stuck in the turf when she was pivoting without any contact with the leg from her teammate.”

Yeah, that’s not your normal looking hot chick ankle. Thankfully, Carrie allowed cameras into her hospital room to show us what a freak LFL injury looks like.

We just hope she/the LFL have some insurance to cover that huge doctor bill.


Sidenote: Newspapers in Florida are covering such news? Maybe these old shits are starting to come around after all.

[Fort Myers Lingerie Football League player sidelined by injury]

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