Video: The Bloodiest Fan Fight In Giants New Meadowlands History Took Place Last Night


Update: Here is the start of the bloodiest brawl in new Meadowlands history.

Wow. Wait until you see the blood flow from these two faces last night at the Meadowlands.

There are fights and then there are fights where faces are turned into fountains.


Posted: Last night when the camera dude got home

Premise of Video: “That is what happens when Cowboy fans throw shit at Giants fan when a transformers blows and the whole stadium goes pitch black. This was the end of third round of a 3 round fight. Security/Police too busy and distracted by the blown transformer and the power outtage to control this.”

Climax of Video: That one dude just getting pummeled while on the ground.

Conclusion: Jets fan now has his work cut out for him.

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