Video: Drunk Philly Stripper Terrorizing Eagles Fans Seems A Little Strange In The 21st Century Of Eagles Fandome


How this video never went viral is beyond our comprehension. 750 views in almost a month? Weak!

Here we have guys parking before the Oct. Eagles-Falcons game when some drunken Philly stripper starts trying to earn dollars to make ends meet or get a cold Four Loko.

If nothing else, watch this video for a single comment that comes from one of the guys who’s pissed that the stripper is interrupting his Sunday football.

Posted: Oct. 17, 2010

Premise of Video: “a intoxicated stripper wearing just pasties and underwear terrorizing fans in the parking lot of the eagles falcons game… Philadelphia never disappointing us”

Climax of Video: “We’re gonna be late to the game!”

Conclusion: This might be the first time in the history of Eagles fan that these guys want a stripper to get lost. Granted, she has crack whore tendencies and enjoys cheap liquors. These guys should have concocted a better plan. Give her a dollar and then walk her towards the stadium where packs of horned up, unemployed plumber wild dogs from Camden would show her a good time.

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