Daily Dump: 30 Hottest Celebrities Of Native American Descent, ESPN’s Jason Williams Heckled, Cam Newton ‘Price Is Right’, Bosh Has New Cable Options, 422 Photos Of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show & Bianca From Brazil!


For those Busted Coverage readers who enjoy a woman in glasses.

• We’re running late this morning thanks to the late football and too many Sunset Wheats

• Steelers fan appreciates the work of Matty Ryan this morning, in case you missed last night’s 26-21 Falcons victory.

• It’s great to see that Kurt Warner can turn his attention away from DWTS to his NFL Network duties.

• Miami Heat vs. Celtics this year: 0-2

• D Wade from the field: 2-12



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with our very first Thanksgiving-inspired hot chicks link of 2010. Here are the 30 Hottest Women of Native American Descent to enjoy. Did you know Jessica Biel has Choctaw blood in her? [Ranker]

Remember Duke’s Jason Williams? Maryland students do and heckle the shit out of him during ESPN broadcast [Mister Irrelevant]

The coolest University of Colorado beer pong table you’ll see all day [On Campus Drama]

Cam Newton ‘Price Is Right’ []

Chris Bosh totally pumped up about the cable options in Miami vs. Toronto [SB Nation]

Funny: St. Louis Blues & Columbus Blue Jackets nearly throw down over pre-game soccer warm-up [Puck Daddy]

This Steelers van is used to attract, serve criminals with warrants [Sportress]

Here is the new must-have for NBA GMs – the 14-year-old 7-footer from India! [Out of Bounds]

The new must-have for douchebag/Brooklyn NBA hipster fans – the Lego necklace! [Steady Burn]

If you have 30 minutes today – 422 Photos From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show [Coed]

A blog knows it has made ‘it’ when Ryan Fox will write the blog name on her boobs and go hand bra for you [Boobie Blog]


Lisa Ann told the doctor to go big and she ended up with these chest balloons [Heyman]

Wood Time: Bianca is from Brazil which means the ass doesn’t stop – EVER! [DJ Mick]

The Best Family Feud Answer You’re Going To Hear All Day [EgoTV]

Followed by the Best Real Life Smokey & The Bandit Chase of the Day!….via…[Linkiest]

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