WAGs Of NFL 1st Rounders: Kacie McDonnell Is Christian Ponder’s Leggy, 34C Girlfriend


Our friends at On Campus Drama swear that Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder (could be taken in first or 4th) is dating some chick named Kacie McDonnell who happens to attend Villanova.

A little more sleuth work from the Busted Coverage investigation team reveals the Model Mayhem cached page for Kacie’s modeling career that happened to recently be yanked from the Internets.

Very strange considering there are hundreds of blogs that would have given Ms. McDonnell serious pageviews, like you guys clicking through to see what’s doing on the other side of this post.

Kacie says, via the cached Mayhem page:

I love trying new ideas and I am definitely down for experimentation! I’m looking to do more print work…so I’d like to move in the direction of high fashion shoots! I’ve done tons of beach stuff (2 shoots while I was just studying in Greece!) so any new themes are definitely cool!

Tons of beach stuff? Time to get our greasy Indian researchers on this one.

This is the same chick who was Miss Teen Pennsylvania International 2008.

Our subject, right, in her Ponder jersey.

Is there anything more to report about these two? Not really, but we figured this would shoot right to the top of Google searches for Christian Ponder and would give us some serious traffic once the 2011 NFL Draft comes around.

Good luck to these two and hopefully @cponder7 has a successful final four games and all of us win.

[Kacie McDonnell – Twitter]

[Ponder’s Girlfriend – On Campus Drama]

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