Video: JJ Hickson Absolutely F@cked It" Says Cleveland Cavaliers Play-By-Play Man


From our friends at The Hoop Doctors:

But did this announcer take it a bit too far when he was calling the Cleveland Cavaliers/New Jersey Nets game last night? After a huge poster dunk by Cavaliers JJ Hickson on Nets Kris Humphries it sounds as if the announcer says that Hickson “Absolutely F&%ked It”.

Too far? We need more of this, especially in baseball where a few f-bombs on home run calls.

Ex:”Josh Hamilton….the 3-2…and the runners go…..there it goes….it’s deep….it’s fucking outta here. Oh, baby, he really smacked the shit out of that one.”

[JJ Hickson “Absolutely F$*&ed It” Dunk?]

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