Video: High School Streaking Now Includes Girls Ripping Off Clothes, Running 70 Yards Before Being Captured


Posted: Nov. 7, 2010

Premise of Video: From the local TV station in Yuba City, CaliforniaAn estimated 5,000 people filled the stands at Yuba City High School for the varsity game when the two girls, both students at rival River Valley High School, walked through a gate at the 30-yard line and dropped their clothes on the football field.

Climax of Video: It starts out innocent with the girls just strolling out onto the field and then all of a sudden the clothes start dropping.

Conclusion: One high school staffer, when asked about the incident, said the girls didn’t have an exit strategy. There you go, ladies. Always have an exit strategy. Jump a fence. Have a car waiting. Something.

[HT: Ted Williams Head]

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