Hey, Baby Doll, We Totally Dig That Tony Boselli Autograph Tattoo & That Killer Bud Zone Art


Our friends at Ted Williams Head sent word earlier today that there was this lady down in Jacksonville who is completely batshit crazy for the Jaguars.

Something, something, autograph tattoos all over her arms…

Oh, really.

The BC Investigation Team® was summoned and Facebook was properly infiltrated to locate images of these sweet auto tats that Kim Nored has decided make total sense at this point in her life.

Imagine spending money to get 18 Jacksonville Jaguars autograph tats. Oh, and don’t forget that sweet Bud Zone, Jags 37-Indy 00 masterpiece. Yes, she has kids and a husband.

This chick really has her head on straight. (We have an email into her agent to figure out what she’ll do when the Jags franchise relocates to Los Angeles.)


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