Daily Dump: Peter King & Roger Goodell About To Enjoy 3-Way, Tiger Whores To Attend Tourney, Joe Morgan Out At ESPN, Anthony Kim Finally Talks, Erin Andrews Looking For Husband, Francoise Boufal Vs. Black Bra & Babes With Boob Stickers!


Sara Jean Underwood & her new puppies.

• The next time the wife/GF/gay lover bitches about you going to the porn shop, have them read this story of some dude buying a winning $120 million lottery ticket.

• Cam Newton cheated academically while at Florida? Big fucking deal.

• Here is your WSOP champion. This dude will make more money this year than Sidney Crosby.

• Here are your photos of the WSOP champion crowd surfing. Is it time for ESPN to scratch the November Nine idea? Seems that way. The ship has sailed on Texas Hold ‘Em. Local schmucks running home games have slowed. People aren’t gambling away their mortgage payments as they were in 2007. The only winner in this business? Old Milwaukee Beast. Shitty & poor times call for an equally shitty beer.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with Peter King and Roger Goodell wearing bibs at Skyline Chili. What’s Skyline Chili? It’s just the most famous chili in Cincinnati were screaming out that you’ll take a 3-way is acceptable. [KissingSuzyKolber]

Uh, oh :( – Tiger whores planning to attend December tourney in California [TMZ]

Joe Morgan is out at ESPN [Bats – NY Times]

These football commentators should get Morgan’s job. Listen as these two come totally unglued after this touchdown is waived off [SportPost]

Anthony Kim addresses those Vegas booze stories, says they are fabricated [ShagBag]

Monday Morning Cheerleader: Baltimore’s Michelle tackles Crowder-McClain spat [Esquire]

There it is…Oregon’s new basketball court has been unveiled (photo) [FratHouse]

Speaking of basketball, Tennessee lost to Division II U. of Indy last night [Chicago Breaking Sports]

Listen up, losers: Erin Andrews is ready to settle down, get married and pump out kids [Sportress]

Psst, ESPN lurking and wants to go after NHL TV rights [Puck Daddy]

7 Celebrities Who Could Use A Sex Tape To Boost Their Careers [EgoTV]

The Greatest Photo Of A Dog Having A Beer At A Bar You’ll See All Day [OneQuickBeer]

Imagine getting a tattoo and the dude ends up drawing a dick and balls on you (nice work, though) [Regretful Morning]

Today’s Tail:

The Biggest, Best, Most NSFW Glorious Boobs Of The Day [Flabber]

Francoise Boufal vs Black Bra! [BoobieBlog]

Babes With Boob Stickers: 120 photos! [Coed]

Olivia Wilde all wet for Vanity Fair [Yeeeah]

Vanessa Minnillo Bikini Bonanza! She’s on vacation & trying out new bikinis [The Nip Slip]

Kate Beckinsale smoking a fag [Moe Jackson]

Rosie Jones celebrates Page 3’s 40th anniversary by getting topless [PrettyHot&Sexy]

Guess who Christina Aguilera is banging now [CelebSlam]

If Flavia gets these legs around your neck it’s going to be lights out & you’ll like it [Heyman]

Stephanie is a chick trying to make it in Tampa which means she’ll be stripping by Christmas [Uncoached]

For our Jew readership – Esti Ginzburg bikini action! [Guyism]

Ke$ha going double barrel middle fingers [The Blemish]

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