Great Moments In Sporting Event Lap Dances: The Florida State Chick Grinding For $5

Last week’s video featuring the chick lap dancing a dude at a Cowboys game got us thinking.

“There have to be other great football game lap dances on this here Internet.”

Of course there are. You just have to look around a little bit, dummy. Who’s up for Florida State chick grinding on a Seminole for $5?


Posted: Over 4 years ago.

Premise of Video: Here we are at a Florida State football game where the drunk chick decides to give this dude a treat. Notice that at first he’s like, “Don’t grind my dick. I’d rather watch this 3rd down.” Then he’s like, screw it, let’s go.

Climax of Video: “It would be better if I could get naked.”

Conclusion: Both graduated and now run