Cuff ‘Em: NYC Murder Suspect Takes In One More Charlotte Bobcats Game Before Going To Jail

Ask yourself this, “What sporting event would you want to attend before being arrested on murder charges?”

For a NYC murder suspect that just happened to be a Charlotte Bobcats game.

A man wanted in a brazen shooting at a New York City diner was arrested Saturday night at a Charlotte Bobcats game.

CMPD’s VCAT unit arrested 24-year-old Earle Barranco during Saturday’s game against the Orlando Magic.

The arrest happened out of sight of most Bobcats fans, because it took place in a VIP room at Time Warner Cable Arena.

Barranco is accused of shooting a man five times — twice in the head and three times in the back — at a popular late-night diner in the Chelsea area of Manhattan two weeks ago.

We’d want to hit the Final Four, a Super Bowl and maybe a BCS championship game. In other words that would mean almost four months on the run.

Of course such a sporting event run would take serious cash so we’d hire Larissa Riquelme’s brother to get us some cash.

Not that we advocate being arrested for murder. Cool down, straight shooters. This is all hypothetical.

[Murder suspect arrested during Charlotte Bobcat’s game]