The Afternoon Dump: Cleveland Responds To LeBron, Homeless Sonics Mascot, Horrible Fricken Sweaters, Fat Girl With Her Autotune, Harry Potter Wants A Tat, Hottest Baseball Babes, Hotness Ashley Sky, & Jessica Alba In ‘Elle’


I can never get enough of Abigail Clancy!

It is finally Friday. I never thought this day would get here. There are going to be a lot of good football games tomorrow (maybe even the Purdue/Wisconsin game but doubtful) and followed by Sundays football games (specifically Colts/Eagles game). Yep, this should be a really good weekend. Oh and I can’t forget about the beer.

Hope you have a good weekend.

Afternoon Dump

Cleveland responds to LeBron’s Nike ad [Out of Bounds]
Haha, Sonics mascot was at the Thunder-Blazer games saying ‘Homeless’ [Sportress of Blogitude]
Announcers over react from a call in a high school football game [The Daily What]
Randy Moss wanted Childress fired, he gets released instead [The Big Lead]
A Cleveland Browns fan who has had it [Barstool Sports]
You should get your brother one of these sweaters [Holy Taco]
Fat girl has trouble with auto tune [Regretful Morning]
Banned Poker Stars commercial [Totally Crap]
Harry Potter thinks a tattoo will make him manlier, ha [The Blemish]
College girls sex survey: Arizona State vs. USC [O.C.D.]
The 20 hottest baseball girls [Heavy]
Ashley Sky is full of hotness [F-Listed]
Jessica Alba looking adorably hot in ‘Elle’ [Popoholic]
Some Cheryl Tweedy pics, just because [HQ-Celebrity]
Meet the sexy Laura Dore [The Smoking Jacket]

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