Daily Dump: Nate Newton Loses 75% Of His Stomach, Brooklyn Decker’s New Movie, Phil Mickelson Vegetarian Diet Dilemma, Brian Wilson Hosting SNL?, 9 Cockiest Video Game Characters, Heidi Klum Handbras & Jodie Marsh Licking


Part of Nate Newton’s removed stomach used to create Susan’s giant implants.

• Remember that obese guy Nate Newton that everyone made fun of because he was a giant fat fuck? Yeah, well dude has lost 175 pounds thanks to having 75% of his stomach removed!

• Are we surprised Cam Newton is being investigated for getting a few perks for his transfer decision? Three letters for you: SEC. Oh, and what about those comments by Cam on how he still has feelings for Florida. Dude doesn’t give two shits about Auburn. Our assumption is that he got paid, signed and became the highest paid player in the SEC.

• Of course Cam’s dad says the accusations are bullshit.

• Folks, we continue to ride the Detroit Lions train. The team has a sellout this week against the Jets and an offense that might be a Top 5 in the NFC. At least Thanksgiving Day will feature some decent football this year. The Patriots come to the Motor City.



Today’s Dump:

…we get another weekend started with Molly Sims in a bikini and raising her leg. These are perfect for the guy who needs to feel like he’s hiding in the bushes taking photos of Molly Sims. [The Beer Goggler]

The trailer for Brooklyn Decker’s new movie has hit the Internet and features Brooklyn in a yellow bikini. Of fucking course Adam Sandler is behind this flick. Dude knows exactly how to cast a movie. [BroBible]

AP ALERT! Phil Mickelson having second thoughts on that vegetarian diet [Golf.com]

The Brian Wilson Should Host SNL Facebook page now over 11k ‘Likes’ [Facebook]

The story that is rocking college football – Cam Newton services offered for cash [ESPN]

Are you a Montreal Canadiens fan who would totally die and go to Heaven for a former captain’s fake teeth? Here you go! [Puck Daddy]

F-Bomb Alert! Raptors coach drops bomb but it’s in Canadian so does that actually count? [Detroit4Lyfe]

Nerd to Giants fan: ‘Get that fucking vuvuzela out of my face before I smash your face with my iPad.’ [Jersey Chaser]

A new site from the ‘Shit My Dad Says’ genre: Bad Advice From My Brother [BAFMB]

13 Most Sexually Aggressive Cartoon Characters [Ranker]

9 Cockiest Video Game Characters Of All Time [EgoTV]

The Best Dog Taking A Shit In Front Of The Christmas Tree Photo You’ll See All Day [OneQuickBeer]

Today’s Tail:

Fun Friday Shit: 40 Heidi Klum Handbras! [Coed]

Holly Peers Minus The Handbra: Here is our girl showing off the boobs for Nuts [BoobieBlog]

Jodie Marsh licking a lollipop. Adjust your licking Top 10 lists accordingly [Guyism]

You guys will appreciate Kara Monaco assuming this position [The Smoking Jacket]

Ever wondered what that scary dude The Undertaker bangs? Here she is [Heyman]

Why does Kelly Brook feel it’s necessary to cover up those hoots? Let ’em breath! [MoeJackson]

Watch Sara transform from secretary to sexy bra/undie model in seconds [Uncoached]

Of course you need to look at Sofia Vergara stretching [Don Chavez]

Jordana Brewster picking a bikini wedge [Yeeeah]

The Greatest B/W NSFW Loaded Magazine Issue Of All Time [NSFW POA]

Tata Thursday for those of you who were in a drunken coma the last 24 hours [Funtasticus]

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