Daily Dump: Aubrey Huff Sucking On His Rally Thong, Sidney Crosby Fights, Spectrum Giving Away The House, Skip Bayless Is A Steaming Pile Of Shit, South Park Destroys LeBron, Grandma Bone Gets Boned, Boobwiches & NSFW Bongo Boobs!


Yet another Colombian chick, Melissa, who wants to live the swimwear model dream.

• So fucking what. We’ve heard Colin Blowhard go on and on this week about Randy Moss being an ass because he ripped on a chef. Guess what? Now that chef wants his 15 fucking minutes in the spotlight and has a few things to say about Moss. It’s a locker room. These guys piss on each other in the showers. Get the fuck over Moss acting like a baby.

• We forgot Indy travels to Philly this week. That’s always a good time for Eagles fan.

• Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech is a Thursday night game we will actually watch.

• How shitty is MSG? Canceling games due to asbestos? So that’s what’s in those meat missiles.

• Sometimes we wonder what Elin Nordegren does on a daily basis.

• You know how newspapers can’t do shit to stop the slide into oblivion. Well, their Internet divisions have resorted to such nonsense as The Hottest NBA WAGs. Good work, NY Daily News. And this shit is on the front of nydailynews.com.



Today’s Dump:

…we get the morning rolling with Aubrey Huff waiving his Rally Thong during yesterday’s parade. He was wearing it over his jeans only to pull it off to wave. With video. [Out of Bounds]

Here is Huff sucking on said thong [ProRumors]

Sid Crosby is a pussy? He dropped the gloves last night (video). It’s his 5th all-time.  [Puck Daddy]

Get your ass to The Spectrum this Saturday! $25 gets you in and everything must go! Seriously! [Crossing Broad]

Let’s see Skip Bayless suck a dong while doing The Dougie. What a complete fucking steaming pile of shit to the male species this toolbag is [BallJunkie]

In case you missed the Duke Halloween party invitation looking for slutty costumed chicks [BroBible]

The Wakefield Track & Field team has an image issue (check out the sweatshirts!) [Guyism]

In case you missed the gay dude wearing a jockstrap and covered in Philip Rivers body paint for Halloween [OutSports]

Sad: Remember the group Arrested Development? Yep, they are still making music and writing lyrics for Randy Moss’ TN waiver transaction [TMZ]

Hitler reacts to Moss being released from Vikings [EgoTV]

Nuts: Raiders could possibly sellout Chiefs game, lifting blackout for first time in 11 games [ContraCostaTimes]

South Park destroys LeBron’s stupid spoof commercial [Awful Announcing]

For No Good Reason: The 10 Hottest Rumored/Real Girlfriends Of Mark Sanchez [Manofest]

Which leads us to this…Mark Sanchez hanging with this model at NFL women’s clothing launch [Pigskin Loving Lady]

Photo: the grandma, Ms. Bone (62), who has had sex with 200 guys in 2 years [Barstool NYC]

Cool: How To Do The Donald Trump Combover – An Infographic [Banned In Hollywood]

Today’s Tail:

Boobwiches! Who’s Hungry? [Coed]

Top Moments From First Week Of Coco’s New Blog! [The Smoking Jacket]

NSFW Bongo Boob Photos Of The Day: Chloe plays us a Marley song [BoobieBlog]

Say hello to one of the chestiest freshman in Florida State history [OnCampusDrama]

Speaking of freshman, Christina Aguilera is rumored to be as horny as a college freshman [Yeeeah]

Victoria Justice! Victoria Justice! Victoria Justice! [The Beer Goggler]

Tori Black will make you go blind [Heyman]

The latest Jodie Marsh chesty photos to hit the interwebs [Yes Bitch]

Hump Day Hotties to get you through another shitty Thursday [Funtasticus]

The always fantastic AJ Alexander! [Uncoached]

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