Nightcapper: "The Sluttiest Outfit At The Giants World Series Parade" Winner Is Angelica Carrera, A Former Golden State Warriors Dancer

Yes, it was parade day in San Franciso which meant gay dudes brought out their cameras to take photos of ‘bulges.’

BC, on the other hand, was seeking out the sluttiest costume of the day because nothing says team support like some chick who didn’t follow the Giants until late September showing some cleav.

Enter Angelica Carrera (Twitter).

She’s a hip hop video chick which means her ass doesn’t stop and she knows how to wash car windows with her giant boobs. It’s highly likely you’ve seen Ms. Carrera at 4:15 a.m. on BET. Also of note is that she used to shake her ass for the Golden State Warriors. The story is adding up, eh.

Today she went all out with her parade outfit.

A simple pair of shorts and a nice “I Bust For Posey” shirt would have sufficed, but that’s not how Angelica rolls.

Even that dog was painted up for the occasion. Poor thing.

Look, we totally understand slutty chicks have a persona to maintain but this might have been a little over the top. This is baseball, not a parade for Wilt Chamberlain’s casket.

Shots of Angelica in her work element.