Cuff 'Em: Elijah Dukes & His Penis Rack Up $40k In Child Support


Is that the face of a guy who lost his MLB paycheck and fell behind on his child support payments?

Yep, Elijah Dukes is pretty much screwed and has a baby mama who wants paid.

Of course the Tampa Bay media is all over this one.

In a third case involving Dukes, a judge held him in contempt for failing to appear in court; a judge also compelled him to provide money and financial records, which he failed to do, said Carlos Ramirez, the attorney for NiShea Dukes.

The third case is related to a January 2009 case in which Dukes was ordered to pay more than $40,000 in child support and alimony to NiShea Dukes or spend 90 days in jail.

$40k. That’s it.

Dude doesn’t even have $40k to keep the courts off his ass.

Good work, bro. All the talent in the world and you act like a total ass to the point that not a single team will give you a contract. Time to start slinging rock.

[Ex-Rays outfielder Elijah Dukes arrested on contempt charges]

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