Nightcapper: Lingerie Football League Bare Ass Shots Sent To Us By Loyal Reader

This is the second day in a row we’ve received emails from guys wanting us to see ass shots.

Yesterday it was our Dominican baseball playing correspondent checking in with his ass shaking video from the Dominican cheerleaders.

Today we had an urgent message from Richard in Dallas who wanted us to see a recent bare ass shot from the Lingerie Football League.

Of fucking course we’re making you drunken fools click through to see that brown booty. Don’t even pretend you don’t want a glimpse at what’s doing with the junk in that running back trunk.

This LFL ass action is from a September showdown between San Diego and Dallas. This game was actually played at the Cotton Bowl. Seriously. That had to be a first for that great stadium.


Enjoy NBA, NHL or however else you are avoiding this political fuckfest.


Probably sex and then a pillow.


[HT: Richard]