Video: Our Admiration For Dominican Baseball Cheerleaders Taken To Next Level – WATCH THIS ASS SHAKE!

Posted: Nov. 1, 2010

Premise Of Video: A tipster who just happens to be playing in the Dominican League and has a camera phone with recording capabilities saw our recent bitch and moan about the MLB needing to import the talents of the Dominican baseball cheerleaders. Yep, our new friend started recording dugout ass shaking for us. This is the kind of shit that completes our day.

Climax of Video: It starts off a little bouncy but who can blame a guy when there are asses, sunflower seed eating and a baseball game going at the same time. This is better than a BET video at 3:30 a.m. The :30 mark is one of the great moments in cheerleader history. SHAKE THAT ASS, ARVA (We looked it up. Supposed to be a popular female Dominican name)!

Conclusion: We’re in contact with our new Dominican Leaguer to be a special correspondent on all things Dominican Baseball Pieces of Ass. It’s going to be a great winter!