The Afternoon Dump: Celebs In Costumes, PSU Fan Gets Beat Up, 5 Hall Of Famers, Paul Pierce Frog Costume, Brett Favre Is Hurt, Gorilla Maks Prank, & 6 Brainwashing Techniques For Election Day


JWoww has caught the attention of many.

There were a ton of girls in skimpy outfits this weekend. Hopefully you got to enjoy it like I did.

Colts tonight against the Texans. Going to be a good game.

Have a link? Send it in.

Have a good day.

Celebs Love Halloween
Kim Kardashian dresses up as Red Riding Hood [The Blemish]
Audrina Patridges dresses up in weird dress [The Grumpiest]
Kendra Wilkinson wore a short-summer-sexy dress [The Superficial]
Brooke Burke as Cat Woman [Celebslam]
Heidi Klum went balls to the wall in this costume [Yeeeah]

Afternoon Dump
PSU fan dresses up as Michigan fan, gets his ass beat [Sportress of Blogitude]
5 active athletes we watch but don’t realize they are Hall of Famers [unathletic]
Why would Paul Pierce wear this? [SB Nation]
Brett Favre goes completely insane [Barstool Sports]
Video game moves that should be real [EgoTV]
Girl scares boyfriend with gorilla mask [Totally Crap]
6 things you wont believe can brainwash you [Cracked]

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