Cuff ‘Em: These Two Billy Badasses Play Junior Varsity Football, Brag About Robbing White Guy On Bike

We love a good football player arrested story like the rest of you. The college and NFL obviously turn in the best but through our research over the last 3 years Busted Coverage has noticed the guys being arrested keep getting younger.

Who’s up for junior varsity (alleged) gangbangers who ball on Saturday mornings and rob white guys on bikes through the week during free time?

One of the Lake Mary High School junior-varsity football players accused of an armed crime spree across Sanford bragged to friends about his exploits on innocent residents, according to an arrest report.

Details released Thursday by the Sanford Police Department show 16-year-old Patrick Early, of Eatonville, boasted about “robbing a white guy on a bike.” He also bragged that he was a “gangsta” and member of the violent Bloods gang.

While deputies have not confirmed whether Early is a gang member, they said he and 16-year-old Kwame Knight, of Sanford, armed themselves with a gun, possibly a semi-automatic, and robbed at least four people.

Yes, this is taking place in Florida.

Yes, these two were probably on the radar of Florida Gator recruiters.

The one gangsta douchebag already has a felony robbery charge from 2009 when he was arrested for stealing a neighbors Wii system.

We suggest they graduate early, hit up a community college and Cam Newton their ways back into the college football system. Run a 4.3? The penal system can send you home with a 4.28 and a scholarship.

[Accused Lake Mary High students bragged about armed robberies]

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