The Afternoon Dump: Duke Ranked #1, Weed At World Series, UFC To Absorb WEC, Crazy For Sale Signs, Mariah Is Pregnant, Sexy-Cute USC Song Girl, Sofia Vergara Rides A Bike, & A Uber Sexy Diora Baird Gallery


Candice Swanepoel is kinky and sexy in these photos.

Damn, the Rangers lost last night.

Pulled an all-nighter last night for an exam today. I think I aced the exam so it was well worth it but I am too tired for anything else.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Gold help us all, Duke is number 1 [SB Nation]
Apparently there was a lot of weed smoking last night at San Fran [Sportress of Blogitude]
Calipari and Kentucky Forward have a Twitter war? [unathletic]
Someone’s been spying on the UConn football team, who cares [Yardbarker]
Looks like UFC absorbs WEC [Cage Potato]
Doom-foreshadowing dance crazes [The Daily What]
‘For Sale’ signs taking it to the next level [EgoTV]
WTF! Man has $6,500 love doll ‘reincarnated’ [Asylum]
Kelly Osbourne vs. David Williams [D-Listed]
Hard to believe that Mariah is pregnant [Yeeeah]
I bet your mom would love this USC Song Girl [On Campus Drama]
Sofia Vergara makes riding a bike look fun [Don Chavez]
The great Diora Baird gallery [Banned in Hollywood]
Seeing Kelly Brannigan on the beach would be amazing [F-Listed]

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