Declan Sullivan Was In That Notre Dame Recording Tower & Was Using Twitter Until His Death


We asked the question last night on Twitter, “How could anyone possibly allow a human to get into a video tower yesterday in South Bend, Indiana?”

Now we know, via Declan Sullivan’s Twitter updates that it was another day on the job as a videographer.

But it was his last.

Sullivan was the Notre Dame student killed when the tower he was on in 50-mph winds crashed to the ground.

His final words, via a cellphone capture, after the jump.

We happen to know how fierce the winds were yesterday in the South Bend region because our HQ is about 100 miles from campus.

If you live east of the Mississippi River and north of I-70, you know the winds are insane.

Still are.

Why the fuck anyone would allow a human to go up in a tower higher than 6 feet is beyond our imagination.

Someone better prepare to have their asses grilled. This is complete garbage. If you can’t walk down a street without being blown over it’s pretty much certain that a person in a tower shouldn’t be there.

Are we really that stupid?

[Tragedy at Notre Dame football practice demands answers]

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