Daily Dump: A Better Look At Hannah Storm’s Slutty Outfit, Bar Bets Heat Won’t Lose-FAIL, Free Drinks For Hamilton, Illinois St. Volleyball Halloween Sluttiness, Atlanta Thrashers Like Black Guys, Lincecum Fuck Yeah Shirts & Charlie Sheen’s Whore!


Penthouse Pet of the Year time! See all the contestants & get fired for looking!

• Our urge to smack that smirk off Joe Buck’s face hasn’t gone away.

• Cavs 1-0, Heat 1-1.

• Wasn’t the wind in South Bend strong enough for adults to figure out it wasn’t a good thing for a video crew to be on top of a tower?

• Did anyone realize there is a decent Thursday night game featuring Florida State and N.C. State? Yeah, it looks good on paper but who really gives two shits about A.C.C. football. A handjob from a disgusting massage parlor Chinese chick sounds like a better time.

• This figures. Mike Tyson doesn’t have a problem with Mel Gibson.

• That’s it, we’re done with the Rose Bowl Parade. Paula Deen is your grand marshal. Have some balls for once and make Adam Richman from Man Vs. Food your marshal. Then, stop the car and make him eat a 12 lb. omelet before being run over by some giant fucking float. That’s TV, assholes.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with the clearest photo of Hannah Storm in her hooker boots at Celetics-Heat that you’ll see on the Internet. Ms. Storm just shot to the top of our Sluttiest Dressers In The Sports Industry. [Barstool]

We actually watched this shit live – Fox Sports Ohio announcers had just a little trouble with words to describe how great it felt to win Game 1 without The King [Awful Announcing]

Bar offers to cover tabs if Heat lost to Celtics – $4k later the tabs were paid off! [Sun-Sentinel]

Um, that’s not nice: Sign in San Fran – Josh Hamilton Drinks Free! [Big League Stew]

Flying off the shelves: Tim Lincecum ‘Fuck Yeah’ shirts are all the rage [Angry T]

How to sync your radio and TV to eliminate the douchebag duo of McCarver & Buck [Botecomm]

This crazy shit crossed our Twitter feed last night – a Notre Dame student working for the football team was killed when a video tower crashed in horrible winds. Efforting to see why the kid was even in the tower. [Irish Illustrated]

Illinois State volleyballers slut it up for Halloween [Frathouse]

Crazy Shit: Atlanta Thrashers acquire 1/5 of the NHL’s black players [SB Nation]

Crazy Shit: Nuns own a rare Honus Wagner card? That trumps our Griffey ’89 UD rookie [Guyism]

Crazier Shit: Paul the Octopus already has a successor [Out of Bounds]

Black Cowboys fan bitch slaps this nerdy white guy for telling his crew to turn down the tunes [On Campus Drama]

The NCAA Basketball All-Name Team – including Alibaba Odd [Ballin’ Is A Habit]

Antoine Dodson’s new iPhone App [BroBible]

Video: Crazy Black Dude Goes Ninja On Cops – All 30 Of Them [Buzzfeed]

Halloween Costumes That Won’t Get You Laid [Leftos]

Stupid Shit On Our Walls That We Miss: Billy The Bass! [EgoTV]

Today’s Tail:

10 years Of Halloween At Playboy & 136 Photos! [Coed]

Great Moments In Halloween Body Paint Costumes! [Boobie Blog]

Say hello to the whore Charlie Sheen had locked in a closet at The Plaza (photos!) [Yeeeah]

Brit pop-tress JoJo showing all sorts of cleav in this Twitter shot [The Blemish]

Here you go, fuckers – Kelly Osbourne in her underwear, dipped in gold [Holy Moly]

NSFW Beach Boobies: Anne Marie Davis suns the chest monsters [TaxiDriverMovie]

The Craziest Twitter Finger Bra We’ve Seen In Months! [IDLYITW]

Hump Day Hotties – Just another day of wasting time with asses [Funtasticus]

Alessandra Ambrosio’s Halloween costume is simple, sexy [Heyman]

You have to see Emma Frain’s insane (what look like real) chesties! Wow! [Paparazzi]

Flat Chested Celebrity Chicks Made Chesty With Photoshop [Manofest]

Halle Berry’s diamond cutters for charity [The Nip Slip]

A better look at The Event’s Taylor Cole [Uncoached]

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