Nightcapper: Playboy’s Jaime Edmondson Continues To Make Beano Cook & Domers Stiff

What’s wrong with Playboy’s Jaime Edmondson?

Yet again she has tweeted a photo of herself repping the lowly Fightin’ Irish. That would be the same team that just lost to Navy and is 4-4. It’s also the same team that is facing a huge backlash from its fellow students who are likely to storm the field after an eventual loss to Utah on Senior Day.

The fans are pissed off, the students who have to stand through yet another season of shittiness are pissed off, NBC is a little pissed off and even Lou Holtz is spitting on himself just trying to get words out to express his frustration.

But, the Irish have at least one chesty former NFL cheerleader fan that isn’t going anywhere. Ms. Edmondson just had to drive men nuts with thought of her cheering for the most undeserving team in college football.

We’ve been offered the chance to ask Jaime a few questions about this fascination with the Irish. It’s time to take up our friends at Playboy on that interview opportunity.

1. Why couldn’t you root for another team most Americans hate, like Ohio State?

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