Daily Dump: Your First Middle Finger To LeBron Of The Year, Justin Bieber Wears Lakers Championship Ring, Ochocinco Dating Deion’s Daughter?, Joe Flacco Halloween Costume, Florida Gators Boob-age & Sophie Reade’s Glorious Chest!

Imogen Thomas would like you to see her 2011 calendar.

• Here we go with the World Series in San Francisco. We’re so on edge that a water bong could possibly be on the lunch menu to get us through the day.

• Did you happen to hear Trent Dilfer yesterday on the mid-afternoon SportsCenter defending Brett Favre and his leadership abilities? Sickening.

• Jason Whitlock tackles the LeBron James commercial and likes it. Then he starts talking about a decision he made dealing with two women. Does this guy ever not relate food or women to one of his columns? This is why he’s the greatest.

• Rangers in 6.

• We actually watched half a quarter of the Celtics-Heat. It’s so fun watching early season NBA action because these guys care so much. Someone wake us in late May.

• That ring on Maria Sharapova’s finger…possibly $250k.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with some serious bullshit news in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model dating world. Jessica White is hooking up with Sean Penn? Why, so she can fly to Haiti and save little kids and be around an attention whore? Bad move, honey [The Blemish]

Your very first Fuck You, Lebron Celtics fan going middle finger last night [Barstool]

Jerry Stiller & his wife explain the LeBron James saga, don’t touch on last night’s opening night loss [Buzzfeed]

Say hello to the new blond hired to sideline report for the Sixers [Crossing Broad]

Oh, how cute: Justin Bieber gets to wear a Lakers W.C. ring to last night’s game [FoxSports]

We are now on the Top 100 On Twitter Sports Bloggers To Follow list! [Ballhyped]

Ochocinco took Deion Sanders daughter on date? [Media Take Out]

Joe Flacco’s Halloween Costume – He’s the ‘Situation’ (photos!) [KissingSuzyKolber]

Ms. Meena is a Giants fan and would like to show you some underboob [DJ Mick]

The 49ers cheerleaders invade London, leave Mayor perplexed [Guyism]

Eric Johnson’s WAG confirms it, she just obsesses over fried shit [CelebSlam]

You have to see *this* wearing a Florida Gators ripped shirt [OnCampusDrama]

Ole Miss halftime show will be in 3D on the Jumbotron – seriously [Friends of the Program]

The 2010 Air Guitar World Championships – A Photo Gallery [The Smoking Jacket]

Today’s Tail:

These are boobs from either ’63 or ’64 – just look at how they hold up [BoobieBlog]

Probably the hottest piece of ass working on an ice cream truck you’ll see all day [Beer Goggler]

How about Sophie Reade’s glorious chest monsters for this Wednesday morning [Egotastic]

15 Sexiest Monsters In Horror Film History [Ranker]

42 Sexiest Female Sex Offenders The Boys At Coed Could Find [Coed]

Ironic: Jenna Jameson on the red carpet for Jackass 3D [Heyman]

Flexible Chicks: Sex will never be the same if you date one of these ladies [EgoTV]