Daily Dump: Chargers Cheerleader Rips On Tom Brady’s Hair, Paul The Octopus Is Dead, Dolphins Bikini Blogger, David Beckham’s Package, Halloween Costumes For Douchebags, Halloween Drunk Girls Kissing & Kelly Brook’s Pearl Necklace!

Lindsay’s usual costume consists of too much orange glow and fake boobs.

Analysis: The wheels are in motion to get Favre’s ass out of town before Thanksgiving.

Analysis: Holy shit! We actually get ESPN from USC and the obvious Song Girl overload coming our way. Fantastic news.

Analysis: This guy actually called 911 to report he bought bad pot. No audio yet, but we’re positive it’ll surface in the next 24-hours.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with chesty Chargers cheerleader Melissa talks about Tom Brady’s hair and what it takes to date a woman of such elite athleticism [Esquire]

NOOOOO! Paul the Octopus has died [The Daily Mail]

This is some bullshit – The Top 100 Sports Bloggers On Twitter doesn’t include Busted Coverage – most of these dorks are giant pussies and just push their shitty links. #bullshitTop100lists [BallHyped] [@BustedCoverage]

This chick not handling Tony Romo injury very well [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Introducing your very first Dolphins bikini blogger! [The Big Lead]

If you haven’t read the GQ piece on Alex Ovechkin, do so NOW [GQ]

Something For Our Gay/Female Readers: David Beckham’s package in the tighty whiteys [CelebSlam]

Cool! Fernando Valenzuela is now pimping tequila at grocery stores [Vin Scully Is…]

Arkansas-Ole Miss Photo Essay: Razorback fans are fat and like corn dogs [FOTP]

This won’t end well – Derek Dooley comparing his team to the Nazis [Kegs ‘N Eggs]

10 Halloween Costumes For Complete Douchebags [Gunaxin]

How To Build A White Trash Supercar! [Uncoached]

If Celebrities Put On A Few More Pounds….they’d look like your Aunt Jill (fat, slow and triple-chinned) [EgoTV]

Marines to Microsoft over Xbox shittiness: “Fuck you, Microsoft…” and then multiple gun shots…via [Linkiest]

Today’s Tail:

NSFW Mechanic Photos Of The Day: Carol is going to need a hot shower [Boobie Blog]

Halloween Drunk Girls Kissing – A Gallery! [Coed]

The World’s Hottest Teacher Is Italian & Should Be In SI Swimsuit Issue! [BroBible]

In case you missed the Roxanne Pallett pool/bikini photos [MoeJackson]

Hot Canadian Pieces Of Ass: Miss University Canada gets hypnotized  [Lions Den]

No Fucking Debate About It: We’d totally melt a turkey and swiss on this ass [Heyman]

We’re pretty sure these Brooklyn Decker NSFW see-thru(s) are legit [TaxiDriverMovie]

Hate your job: Fuck off by looking at the 20 Greatest Audrina Patridge Photos – EVER [Heavy]

Weird shit for your Tuesday – That cat is trying to milk that woman [Barstool]

Probably the biggest NSFW boobs you’ll see this morning – Emma! [PrettyHot&Sexy]

Kelly Brook only wearing a pearl necklace anyone? [NSFW POA]

Christina Hendricks assumes the position [Guyism]