San Francisco Giants Implanted Chick World Series Preparation: Christina’s Tim Lincecum Jersey Makes Debut


Is there a way for the World Series to even think of being relevant to a television audience?

When it’s Texas vs. San Francisco, no.

But on the Internet there is a way to trump football for the next 10 days or so. How? Poon. It’s the great equalizer. The sports might not be able to match up on equal footing via TV, but you throw a hot chick in a baseball jersey, show off some cleav, a little ass and you have the makings of a serious Internet pageview generator.

To this day Marisa Miller throwing out the first pitch at a Cubs game is still making money for bloggers. Or how about the Texas Rangers chick bouncing around after the Game 6 clincher. This shit has viral written all over it, Bud. Nobody outside Texas or San Fran gives two shits about Brian Wilson’s black beard or Nelson Cruz and his tender hamstring.

That leads us to Christina Marie, a chick we found last week that has been providing sexy photographic updates as the Giants inched closer to the World Series.


As we’ve mentioned, there aren’t too many chicks out there willing to go S.F. bikini. That makes Chrissy a commodity that we hope to ride all the way to Game 7.

C’mon, Bud, poon up this sport. Have your little toolbags in the marketing department come up with a Hottest MLB Jersey Chick or Jerseys On Hot Chicks contest.

Are we pigs? Of course. But it’s going to take thinking outside the box to bring back an entire generation of youth raised on boring baseball on a Wednesday night.

Lingerie chicks replace the umpires down the lines? Think about it. If they make a stupid call, go to replay.

Lingerie chicks replace the bat boys? Ratings would go through the roof and the Yankees would never have a problem filling those always empty seats behind the dugouts.

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