Live TV Interview With Drunk Giants Fan After Game 5 Loss: "That Home Run Didn’t Mean Shit"

Posted: Oct. 21, 2010

Premise of Video: Local TV reporter guy decides it would be smart to get some fan reaction after the Giants failed to clinch the NLCS. The logical spot to make that happen was outside a bar where John Sasaki decided to pluck the drunkest guy out of the crowd.

Climax of Video: Drunk guy is asked about a Phillies home run in the 9th. “That home run didn’t mean shit,” drunk dude says to the gasps of the TV crew who are trying to figure out why Sasaki picked out the drunkest guy in the crowd. We also get a Giants fan going middle finger earlier in the video.

Conclusion: This won’t be the first live TV ‘shit’ bomb of the postseason. We have plenty of TV live shots to go before a World Series champion is crowned.

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