The Greatest Undie Run Arrest Photo In History Of Undie Runs

Update: A sick day/personal day/site issues day look back into the Busted Coverage archives.
This one was sent to us last night and shows an undergrad being arrested at the 2009 UCLA Undie Run, which as under extreme scrutiny from L.A. cops.
UCLA school officials did not endorse the winter run and, as we showed you guys back in December, the turnout was light because police said there would be arrests for unruly behavior.
Full image after the jump.

BC doesn’t have the details of this arrest but the Daily Bruin outlined what would cause police to get cuffy during the December run.

Although being in underwear on the sidewalk is not specifically illegal, citations can include unlawful assembly, disturbance of peace, pedestrian in the roadway, traffic impediment and drunk in public, said Addison Huddy, general representative for the Undergraduate Students Association Council.
“UCPD is going full force on this,” Huddy said. “It’s really a zero tolerance policy that police are taking. The real message I want to send is don’t run.”

Maybe she failed to cross in the crosswalk. Or was very drunk. Or pole dancing on a telephone pole.
We don’t know. What BC is sure of is that this chick now owns the honor of “Greatest Undie Run Arrest Photo In History Of Undie Runs.”
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