Ohio State WR Brian Hartline's NFL Draft Preparation Includes Bending Over Girlfriend

Update #2: A sick day/personal day/site issues day look back into the Busted Coverage archives.
Update: A game for you. Hartline bends over girlfriend before or after 2008 Columbus Football Banquet?

Nice watch.

Like we said over the weekend, BC gets some great images sent out way.
Some make it onto the site and others fade into email history.
Today we have hit the Holy Grail of “Athletes Being Human” with Ohio State wide receiver and NFL hopeful Brian Hartline bending over his girlfriend, and soon to be wife, at what appears to be an infamous red cup party.

Just look at that form displayed by Hartline.
And to think he’s a white guy.
Hand on neck to prevent “lifting.” Left hand on hip for full leverage on pullage. Then we have the slight Elvis lip-thing action going on. Awesome!
You have no idea how long we’ve been waiting for an athlete to go 2 Live Crew on his chick.
This move from now on will be called “The Hartline.”

Our tipster tells us that Brian’s chicks name is Lindsay, a junior at Ohio State majoring in clothing and textiles. We also learn that these two are actually getting married May 23.
Congrats to the happy couple. Definite WAG material.
Have images of “Athletes Being Human?”
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Lindsay (right)

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