Video: Here Is The $420 Bidding Stoner Chick On Price Is Right Video All The Potheads Are Going Nuts Over Today


Posted: An hour ago because the broadcast took place at 11 a.m. EST.

Premise of Video: What gets a bunch of unemployed stoners just getting out of bed excited? A joint? Usually, but today it was a stoner chick bidding $420 on the Price Is Right. Trust us, the burnouts are going nuts around the Internets over this one.

Climax of Video: Just look at how proud she is to get that 420 bid in. Drew is thinking he’ll either light up with her after the show or let her ride the microphone stand.

Conclusion: Yet again, thanks to Obama’s extended unemployment benefits, the stoners have free time to watch such nonsense and then go onto message boards to chat it up. Toke one for us, gents.

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