Billboard: Harpo’s Bar In Columbia, Missouri Wants Erin Andrews To Eat For Free, Doesn’t Offer Desmond Howard Jack Shit

Harpo’s Bar in Columbia, Missouri is your typical college town bar where you can get a burger, cheap beer and catch a game.

But this weekend there is a chance you and the boys could be slamming those wings next to Erin Pageviews.

ESPN is in town for GameDay and is bringing the entire team to town. The quick thinkers at Harpo’s have rolled out the carpet and want Erin to eat at their place – FOR FREE!

The billboard, after the jump!

Of course they left off the black guy, Desmond Howard.

Just sayin’.

Anyway, we cruised the menu and Harpo’s has all the usuals, but the pork loin topped with curry apple chutney sounds amazing.


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