Nightcapper: Drunk NASCAR Fan At Charlotte Race Figures Out How To Silence Preacher Guy – Grab His Junk!


Of course you’ve seen preacher videos from sporting events where Bob takes his microphone and starts preaching the gospel.

For those of us who’ve done the college thing, you know the guy. Usually he’s a complete tool who is ruining your lunch on the lawn on a beautiful fall afternoon.

Today we get preacher guy going to town at this past weekend’s Charlotte NASCAR race. Yeah, harmless.

Until drunk dick grabbing NASCAR fan shows up. Earnhardt goes straight up homo on preacher guy which turns into gay bashing. This one really has it all.

Dick grabber…AFTER THE JUMP!

Posted: Oct. 17, 2010

Premise of Video: (via the preacher) Drunk guy at Charlotte Motor Speedway acts lewd and grabs my crotch. Later in the video, another man saw our banner, asked us for information on how to be saved, and was willing to humble himself before God.

Dick-grabbing Climax: If you can stand to watch the first 2:15 of this one you’ll get the entire context of the situation. If not, go straight to the 2:00 mark where drunk guy starts his fake jerkoff routine.

Conclusion: The preacher didn’t press charges. The guy then went to his seat and passed out. Fun was had by all.

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