Daily Dump: ARod Spotted With 31-Yr-Old Yoga Instructor, Tony Reali’s Hair Gel FAIL, Auburn Mascot Admiring This Ass, Brady Throws Hissy GIF, Greg Norman Engaged, Alice Eve Wet-T Caps & Johanna Lundback’s Glorious Body


The greatest use of pasties and milk you’ll see all day thanks to Claudia La Gatta.

Question: How the hell will the Yankees get out of this hole with Cliff Lee all set to hammer the last nail if it even comes to lefty hammering?

Question: Are you ready for the NFL to turn into flag football? At some point you have to let guys just knock the shit out of each other and let the concussions happen. Otherwise your sport is history.

Question: Did you know ARod has been spotted with a 31-year-old yoga instructor? Of course we’ll effort photos for you. It’s a job we gladly accept.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with moron Yankees fan who either threw or spilled his beer at the feet of Mr. Cal Ripken during last night’s pregame TV festivities. Just look at David Wells and those eyes practically exploding inside with the thought of a wasted beer [Awful Announcing]

Staying on subject…here is the Yankees douchebag who totally interfered with the first HR [The Angry T]

The guy who rushed the field during Monday’s Yanks-Rangers game said to want to harm ARod because he’s banging Cameron Diaz [Big League Stew]

Yankee fans not taking this ass kicking very well, litter Rangers bullpen during Monday’s ass kicking [Crossing Broad]

Did you catch Tony Reali’s hair yesterday on PTI? WTF is that? [Sportress]

Futboler dedicates goal to his WAG and we see why (photos!) [Who Ate All The Pies]

The Auburn mascot really likes this Auburn chick’s ass [EDSBS]

Eye doctor offering free eye exams to SEC officials [NWA Online]

In case you missed the Brady Throws A Hissy GIF [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

You haven’t seen a Canadian high school football brawl until you see this one [Shutdown Corner]

This should end well: Greg Norman engaged, again. [Will Brinson – FanHouse]

And the obligatory photo of the woman Norman will be giving millions to in a couple years [Daily Mail]

How An F1 Racer Slept With 33 Stewardesses In Two Weeks! [BroBible]

A Gallery Of Crashed Ferraris Because Nothing Says LOL Like A Burning Pile Of Italian Sports Car [EgoTV]

Today’s Tail:

Chicks Named Gisele That Are NSFW & Will Get You Fired: Photos! [BoobieBlog]

Whitney Port bikini toe. [TaxiDriverMovie]

Alice Eve wet-t screencaps from Sex & The City 2 [Nudography]

Edina with those glorious boobs popped out in CKM [NSFW POA]

Kimbyr Leigha thinks you Twitter morons need to STFU  [The Smoking Jacket]

We could stare at Johanna Lundback’s body for hours [CelebSlam]

Devin Marie would like to celebrate Oktoberfest with you by sharing a pint, raising her dress [DJ Mick]

New Jennifer Hawkins ripping off clothes photos to peruse [Guyism]

The chick on Glee who resembles Brittany Spears goes hand bra [Gunaxin]

Carmen Electra now using her tits and ass to sell Verizon phones! [Don Chavez]

Irina Shayk nearly giving us a peak of what’s doing under that dress [The Beer Goggler]

Cinthia goes boxing glove bra for those guys out there who enjoy such a genre [Uncoached]

8 Most Infamous Killer Prostitutes Of All Time! [Ranker]

Shiny tooshie on the menu for yesterday’s Tooshie Tuesday [Funtasticus]

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