ARod’s Yoga Chick Laurel Henley (Photos) Says: "I’m Not Having Sex With [Centaur]"


When, during her first conversation about a relationship with a guy, a chick says “we’re not having sex,” that is usually an omen.

It either means the deed has already taken place or the sexual tensions are so high that the rough sex is right around the corner.

Like when the Yankees are booted from the playoffs.

The NY Post gossip hounds are all over ARod this morning with a report of the centaur-loving third baseman having drinks with his 31-year-old yoga instructor, Laurel Henley, a face very familiar to cameras on the NY society scene.

Laurel Henley, a 31-year-old yoga instructor and cocktail waitress at Meatpacking hotspot SL, is the woman A-Rod met for cocktails at Kenmare last week. We earlier reported Rodriguez met Henley and a group of friends for a drink there Wednesday night but he left alone after a flirty conversation with her.

While their friendship has sparked rumors, Henley, a regular face on the New York nightlife scene, insists she and the Yankee slugger are “just friends.”

“I taught him yoga a couple of times,” she told Page Six. “We have a lot of mutual friends and have hung out in group settings, only in New York.”

Nightlife insiders claimed the yogi had boasted of hooking up with Rodriguez, but Henley says it’s not true. “I guess people make more out of it than it is,” Henley told us. “He’s always been nothing more than a gentleman. We’re not dating. We’re not having sex.”

Well, there you have it, a woman who could have sex with the richest man in baseball but she wants to keep things on a yoga instructing basis.


Look, Laurel, you are 31 and not getting any younger. The time to cash in on those yoga legs is now because once ‘Rod gets bounced from the postseason his ass is going straight down to Miami to hang with Svetlanas and Marisols.

At least ask for some dong photos and create a Favre-esque scene that’ll launch you into stardom.

[Yoga beauty stretches A-Rod – NY Post]

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