Video: Onside Kick Decleaters That Bring Tears To DeSean Jackson’s Eyes


Posted: Oct. 16, 2010

Premise of Video: (from the vlogger) “Bloomingdale JV Football hit.” Now, we’ll expand on this one a little bit. Here you have a JV team trying to convert an onside kick. Of course the receiving team had its good-hands unit on the field to squash any nonsense at the end of this tilt.

Climax of Video: Every good-hands unit needs a baller like #54. Look here, bitches, you’re going to have to run through our boy 54 to get the ball. But that isn’t happening until your ass is flattened and pissing blood.

Conclusion: Little Urlacher still wanted to f@ck up somebody after that brilliant block. He’s a machine and our advance scouting department predicts he’ll get some varsity time and a helmet sticker for this one.

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