ESPN’s Stuart Scott On Flag Football Vs. Bristol Cops: "There’ll Be A Pulled Muscle Or Two"


There was a flag football game played Saturday night in Bristol, Conn. featuring ESPN On-Air Personalities vs. the Bristol Police Department.

Now, we’ll preface this one by saying it was for charity so before we go full-on rip mode with Stuart Scott, we’ll make sure everyone knows that the personalities gave up their Saturday night to play flag football.

Onto the good part where we have our expert fashion designers breakdown the outfit Stu chose for a friendly game of football against a bunch of white cops.

The breakdown:

• Under Armour head gear? Because you never know when a random bead of sweat will trickle into an eye during a key 3rd down and 20 pass play.

• Those look like Oakleys. Yes, the guy had a horrific eye injury. The Chilean miners totally approve.

• The mouthpiece. Because you never know when a Bristol cop is going to drop a forearm on your beautiful face.

• Yes, his shoes are taped. That isn’t an illusion.

• Nike socks. Check.

• Spandex pants. Check.

We’re still looking over more photos to see what’s doing under those shorts. Another level of compression shorts? Sliding pants like Jose Reyes wears to prevent strawberries?

Please notice what the other guys were wearing.

Now to the good part.

Here is what Stu told the Bristol Press in the pre-game presser.

Veteran SportsCenter anchor Stuart Scott predicted it’ll be one of those games where some players are in great shape, and others, well, not so much.

“There’ll be a pulled muscle or two,” said Scott.

We’ll put an email into Michelle Beadle to figure out who won and how many solos Stu turned in.

[HT: This Guy]

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