Cuff ‘Em: Pilot’s Toilet Papering Of Football Field Turns Into Post 9-11 World Fiasco! Soccer Dorks Freak Out After TP Drops From Sky!


The Cessna 172 S pilot was practicing for a planned flight over a Saturday football game against Mahwah, during which the toilet paper from the practice run would be replaced with streamers in the school’s colors: red and white, Regino said. But the practice run started to go wrong when soccer players who were using the field, at the Westwood Regional Middle School, reported that a small, single-engine plane was circling the school and dropping unknown objects, Regino said.

Most of you fuckers are probably too young to remember the movie Gods Must Be Crazy. In that classic thriller a Coke bottle is dropped from the sky. Obviously this guy is a fan.

[Westwood pilot charged after toilet paper drop over high school football field]

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