Alabama QB Greg McElroy’s Sister, Blair, Accosted By Fat Kid Who Likes To Tweet


Normally we’d stear way clear of any story revolving around a college football quarterback’s sister that happens to be in high school, but in Alabama pretty much any thing that revolves around football is game.

Here we have pudgy John Ross Johnson from TN/AL.

Oh, fuck off, we’re not being mean. He tells the world, via his TwitPic account, that he’s “just a fat kid who likes to tweet.”

And hit on Bama QB Greg McElroy’s little sister, Blair, via Twitter. Good for J. Ross. This guy has brass balls not only securing the photo with the future Alabama student Ms. McElroy (who claims, via Twitter, to want to be famous one day), but also getting the response back.

We keep telling all the fat kids out there in Internet land to stop being such pussies. See, the cute (of legal age) chicks think it’s adorable when the chubby one asks for a photo. It’s an ego boost sorta like Boise State not having its ass stuck ranked in the teens like 6 years ago.

Go for it. You like rejection? No, but you’re not asking for a date. Start small.

So we suggest everyone go follow John Boy on Twitter and see what else this fat kid has up his sleeve.

[John Ross Johnson]

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