Michigan State BCS Pole Positioning: (You Think We Have A Story? Nope, We Just Love To Post This Photo)

The polls are out.

Ohio State is your #1. Oregon is closing in on the Bucks.

GameDay is headed to Madison. So is Ohio State.

But the biggest news of the weekend, minus the Alabama disaster, is that Michigan State (#11 in USA Today poll) has a semi-clear run to a perfect season. Sparty has beaten Wisconsin. The only legitimate roadblock looks to be at Iowa on Halloween weekend. Ok, maybe at Penn State the final game of the year, but the Lions are once again a 6 win team.

Things are so good for MSU that even ESPN has jumped on the bandwagon. Expert Mark Schlabach has the team going to the Rose Bowl, something that hasn’t happened since 1988.

Again, do we really care? No. We’re just so proud of this photo we shot during the Spartans Final Four run a couple of years ago.

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