Lingerie Football Crushing Blows: Tampa Breeze’s Liz Gorman Comes From Safety Position To Drop Hammer

We figured after January 2010 that the Lingerie Football League would have packed its bags and a bunch of hot women would be unemployed. The economic depression struck just as the LFL was trying to get its garters underneath itself.

The theory was that the financial backers would burn through the cash and some venture capitalist who gets boners fairly easily would be broke. There were stadium rentals, arena rentals, no television and not much sponsorship.

Things seem to be going smoothly and now loners, like yourself, can sit at home on a Friday night and watch the LFL on MTV2.

Here is a preview of tonight’s action where Tampa Breeze safety Liz Gorman unloads.

Video after the jump.

That, guys, is the 2010 LFL Defensive Player of the Year dropping the hammer on an unsuspecting running back.

You can see the rest of the Breeze vs. the Baltimore Charms tonight at 11 p.m. on MTV2.

See, here is the genius with the Lingerie Football League. Nobody gives two shits that the games are tape-delayed until Friday night – until gambling websites start to set lines.

[LFL – Clash of the Tetons – MTV2]

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