Daily Dump: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist First Pitch, Miami Heat Cheer Gun Shots, Victoria’s Secret Halloween Costumes, UNC Field Hockey Chick As School Girl, Baylor Stoners, Cinco Dating, Hedonistic Hotties & Jessica Jane Clement Busting Out

Adriana contemplating the Brett Favre dong-gate story. ‘Is that his left hand,’ she asks herself.

What’s on our radar this weekend?

UM-MSU in Ann Arbor. There is still an outside chance we’ll make it to BroBible’s campus tour stop where we expect a bunch of UM dorks telling us about the greatness of Shoelaces. Spare us.

Put Shoelaces in the SEC and his legs would be about as useful as the Reds’ offense.

By the way, that @JayMariotti account? Yeah, looks like a bunch of people have been duped.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with Florida Gov. Charlie Crist throwing out the first pitch at Game 2 of the ALDS in Tampa/St. Pete. Um, just a little bit inside and high. [SB Nation]

Miami Heat ballers go nuts while bullets fly at Eglin Air Force Base – David Stern must love this kind of PR [TMZ]

We interrupt this Dump to tell you about Victoria’s Secret having their own line of Halloween costumes – all you fatty chicks out there should not click on this link unless you start dropping pounds [BroBible]

For UNC fans – Here is one of your field hockey chicks in a school girl outfit [Frathouse]

This MSU fan is putting off pacemaker surgery until after the UM game – Mark Dantonio kinda laughs [Last Angry Fan]

Just your ordinary Baylor footballers stoned & passed out at a Taco Bell drive-thru window [Sportress]

The biggest news from yesterday’s playoff baseball? Buster Posey vs. 2nd base [Big League Stew]

The Giant Ass® called out by Dodgers fan after Kim jumps on Yankees bandwagon via Twitter [Vin Scully Is…]

Cinco goes on date with 57-year-old chick? Tweets about it [Larry Brown]

German Bowl cheerleaders wear knee-high socks in case that is your thing [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

Best video you’ll see all day – Motorized Scooter Guy [The Smoking Jacket]

25 Greatest Exotic Supercar Wrecks – EVER! [Sub5Zero]

Just a great Waffle House fight in New Orleans [OnCampusDrama]

Today’s Tail:

72 Hedonistic Hotties From Exotic Erotic Ball [Coed]

10 Things We Love About Chicks In Lingerie [Heavy]

Jessica Jane Clement about to bust out for Nuts magazine [Guyism]

We’ve been waiting all week to post this shit – Coco at the beach! Bustin’ Loose! [BoobieBlog]

Emma Rigby wore this to her 21st birthday party – bet that came off easily [Moe Jackson]

Argentinian Araceli Gonzalez with all sorts of boob salad at some Miami pool [CelebSlam]

Have a craving for Marilyn Monroe going sheet bra? Here you go! [EgoTV]

Just to be blunt…Anna Kendrick isn’t the hottest woman you’ll see all day but the 7s & 8s tend to work harder in bed and we appreciate that [The Blemish]

New slight Christina Hendricks salad for your amusement [Yeeeah]

Sara Jean Underwood wearing this on some TV show – BLAZIN’ [The Beer Goggler]

20 Sexiest ‘Where Are They Now’ Chicks [Ranker]

25 Cute Asian Chicks In School Girl Outfits [Manofest]

The Afternoon Dump: Reward For Cigar Man, Brent Musburger Wants Steroids, Demi and Ashton’s Open Marriage, Kelly Brook in FHM, & Anna Kendrick Flaunts Sex Appeal
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