Daily Dump: Jaime Edmondson NFL Underboob Behind The Scenes Video, No Sex For New Mexico State, New Teen N.E. Patriots Cheerleader, Gisele Makes Tom Ride In Back Seat, Insane Les Miles GIF, Israeli Sex Therapist & Peta Todd!

Model & Montana State student Jenna Bentley getting in some yoga stretches.

As one of our friends said this morning, “I was hoping the Reds made history, but this isn’t what I had in mind.”

We figured last week after Cincy clinched the Central that it would be a successful playoffs if the team didn’t get swept. Now it’ll be awesome if they score at least 3-4 runs the entire series. Yeah, Halladay can come back for Game 4, if necessary.

Moving on…Randy Moss to the Vikings makes total sense because this is it for that team. One final run. It’s like having that last blowout party before your buddy Brad leaves the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to live in Tampa. His ass isn’t coming back so he goes totally nuts buying shots, banging chicks and probably getting arrested one last time.

We still get the feeling this team is headed for implosion, leaving the Packers to dominate the Norris for the next 4-5 years.



Today’s Dump:

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