Cuff 'Em: This Dickhead Stole Wheelchair Basketball Team's Rides, Tent & Portable Basket

WLTX, the newsleader in Gaston, N.C. (just ask them) files this SHOCKING report:

Some Midlands athletes will be able to hit the court again thanks to a tip to authorities in North Carolina.Rolling Thunder, a basketball team made up of players who need wheelchairs, lost eight wheelchairs, a tent, and a portable basketball goal when their trailer was stolen from the parking lot on Boney Road in Blythewood last Wednesday.

However, according to the Richland County Sheriff’s Dept., police in Gaston, NC responded to an anonymous Crimestoppers tip this Wednesday evening and discovered the missing trailer. They arrested Terry Allen Tucker and charged him with possession of stolen goods.

We’re still trying to obtain an image of the trailer.

Why? Because that trailer should be painted with images of dudes on wheelchairs and say, ‘Take our shit and you’re going straight to hell.’

Of course there are criminals walking amongst us who’s consciousness is about as long as a Detroit Lions winning streak.

The sentence in this case should be a game of 21 for the suspect against the boys from Murderball. One dickhead against five guys who will run over his ass.

[Stolen Wheelchairs Recovered, Suspect Arrested]