The Afternoon Dump (Jessica Alba Edition): Randy Moss To Vikings, Bizarre Steve Nash Video, Jose Canseco’s Depressing Tweets, More Cigar Man, Inappropriate ESPN Picture, Katie Perry’s Tent Skills, & Women Are For Sex


Jessica Alba is irreplaceable.

My professor today told us that he doesn’t expect anyone to pass the exam. We even get 10 sheets of paper to bring in with notes on. That is horrible.

This is the Jessica Alba edition of the AD. There are a few links of it below. Damn she is sexy.

Jessica Alba = Uber Hot
Jessica Alba obviously doesn’t download [Popoholic]
1 minute and 11 seconds of Jessica Alba undressing [Celebrity Odor]
200 high quality pics of Jessica Alba [DJ Mick]

Afternoon Dump
Randy Moss had an outburst on assistant [Yardbarker – PFT]
Moss to Vikings, now what to do with your fantasy? [SB Nation]
Another Bizarre Steve Nash video [Sportress of Blogitude]
Jose Canseco’s 30 most desperate and depressing tweets [BroBible]
Bolivian president knees someone in the balls for no reason [Totally Crap]
More Cigar Man for a troubled nation [Out of Bounds]
Probably the most inappropriate picture you will ever see on ESPN [ESPN]
The beauty queen’s got a sharpie, be afraid [DListed]
Katy Perry can pitch a tent [Gunaxin]
Olivia Munn looks great in FHM Australia [The Blemish]
Women are for sex, not friendships [Barbara]
Diora Baird is topless in FHM [Yes Bitch]

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