Cuff ‘Em: Baseball Coach Marlon Pascual Caught Swinging His Fungo While Lusting After Shoppers


Of course this comes from Florida where the local media is obviously under strict rules ‘the crazier, the better.’

Take it away Naples News:

Collier County deputies charged an Ave Maria assistant coach with indecent exposure in public after witnesses said he was masturbating in a North Naples parking lot, according to a report.

Marlon Pascual, 23, of Hialeah, who listed no local address, was arrested on Thursday afternoon in the parking lot of Tarpon Springs Plaza, 2415 Tarpon Bay Blvd., off Immokalee Road east of Interstate 75. A female customer and a security guard told deputies they witnessed Pascual masturbating as he watched customers entering and exiting one of the stores.

Pascual works part-time as a baseball outfield coach for Ave Maria University.

Of course the university isn’t “letting the judicial process take place.”

The team already shitcanned Marlon and he’ll have to take his baseball coaching skills to another school. According to a St. Thomas University bio, Pascual recently graduated with a Sports Administration degree and hopes to become a pro scout.

Yankees, perhaps?

[Assistant Ave Maria baseball coach charged with masturbating in parking lot]

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