Cuff 'Em: Would This Guy Hide In A Bathtub & Steal A Dirty Onterrio Smith Oregon Ducks Jersey During A Home Invasion?



For some reason the Oregonian is just now getting around to sharing this story of an incident that happened way back in mid-September.

Dustin Haas was playing video games in the living room of his Southeast Portland home one night when one of his pit bulls started growling.

Haas wondered what was wrong. He found his dog, Hennessey, outside the bathroom.

“The way my dog was barking rapidly” Haas said, “I could tell he was real scared.”

Haas grabbed a baseball bat out of his sports bag, and stepped into the bathroom.

He slowly pulled the shower curtain open, and found a strange man lying in his bathtub, covered in mud, sweating profusely and wearing Haas’ University of Oregon Ducks football jersey.

The intruder grabbed a $100 bill from his wallet and tried to pay his way out of trouble but the homeowner wouldn’t allow it. Eventually the guy was removed from the house and was arrested the next morning. The big mystery of this story is what happened to the Ducks jersey.

Police confirmed to the Oregonian that it was indeed a Ducks jersey. “Portland police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson, when asked to verify the type of Oregon football jersey, didn’t hide his allegiance to the Beavers by replying: “Ducks jersey…Dirty ducks!”

This would be the second crazy incident this year with Oregon college football teams. Maybe you remember the Oregon State footballer who was naked and had to be tased after intruding in a house that wasn’t his.

Strange days, indeed.

[Portland man finds stranger in his bathtub coated in mud, wearing his Ducks jersey]

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