The Afternoon Dump: Lord Romo, Heat Index Is Dumb, South Park Does NASCAR, Lip Dubbing WIth Kermit The Frog, Shia LeBouf vs. Frankie Muniz, Girls On The Beach, Jessica Alba In GQ, & Whitney From ASU


Katy Perry attempts to show off her sexyness on Wetten Dass.

I guess I get what I deserve when talking to much sh*t about how the Colts will win. Oh well. I have a prediction that some know but I wont tell everyone since I will get ridiculed for it.

We lost the Ryder Cup by 1 point. 14.5 to 13.5. Damn. We had a good chance too. Kind of odd how it is America vs. Europe (seems like Europe would have the bigger advantage).

3 exams this week.

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Afternoon Dump

Meet Lord Romo, the ultimate Cowboys fan [D.C. Sports Blog]
5 tv/movie characters who would be awesome at sports announcing [unathletic]
Thankfully the Heat Index wont be out for another week [Sportress of Blogitude]
South Park does NASCAR, I am excited now [SB Nation]
Kid takes a nap at the House of Representatives, it is that boring [Heavy]
This is entertaining, a guy lip dubbing ‘Under Pressure’ with Kermit the Frog [The Daily What]
400 mattresses topple in domino record [Asylum]
Girl fight: Shia LeBeouf and Frankie Muniz [EgoTV]
Girls on the beach? Yes please [Maxim]
Rachael Leigh Cook doesn’t look 30 whatsoever [Sweaty Gooch]
Jessica Alba looks uber sexy in GQ [Yes Bitch]
Whitney is one of the hottest girls at ASU [On Campus Drama]
Gisele Bundchen looks great at the Brazil Foundation Gala [Use My Computer]

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