Daily Dump: Tiger Woods Ryder Cup Camera Shot, Clippers Dancers Invade Mexico, Tuscaloosa Sheraton Florida Spelling Error, Auburn Volleyballer Gets Naughty, Chuck Cecil Middle Finger, Hof Sings Journey, Tera Patrick Boobies! & A Straw Hat Bra!


This is your winning ass in Barstool’s lingerie model search.

We’re back to the grind after a football weekend and have plenty of photos to share with you.

In other news, ESPN decides to give South Carolina yet another run on prime time and is sending GameDay to Columbia for #1 vs. #19. Let us yet again say this: we absolutely hate South Carolina because these assholes never win dick and yet ESPN gives them more exposure than the team deserves.

It’s the Notre Dame of the South.

Yet another weekend of blowing Steve Spurrier for not winning shit over the last 10 years.

The guy has one national championship. ONE! One f*cking title!

The ol’ ball coach. Blah. Blah. Blah. And yet you will have ‘Spurrier is God’ rammed down your throat over the next 6 days. Perhaps Erin Andrews will sit down with coach for a chat? As if that hasn’t been played out over the years at halftime of like 300 ‘Cocks games that have been shown on Thursday nights.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with the single greatest all-around photo of Tiger Woods about to drill a camera dude with a shot. And who the hell is the dude with a Borat ‘stache? Insane photography [BroBible]

You know why the Clippers suck balls? They send their cheerleaders to Mexico where the ladies end up posing with soccer balls. Seriously. [MedioTiempo]

The Tuscaloosa Sheraton had a little trouble spelling ‘Florida’ [Friends of the Program]

A little something for Auburn fan this morning – Tigers volleyballer gets a little crazy & wearing this [Frathouse]

Kentucky fans take ‘Free Enes’ campaign to next level (photos!) [Kentucky Sports Radio]

In case you missed the Titans Chuck Cecil giving the one-finger salute [Guyism]

Yet another dick move from Jay Cutler – no pink on last night? [Shutdown Corner]

GIFs: Probably the greatest sack dance of the 2000s comes from Giants-Bears [MockSession]

In case you missed The Hof singing Journey at yesterday’s Dodgers game [JerseyChaser]

There is a God! A straw hat bra! YESSS! [Coed]

NSFW Tera Patrick Boobies! Um, this should keep you busy all day [Boobie Blog]

Um, why is Gisele about to make out with this guy who isn’t Tom Brady [The Blemish]

The Hot Jewish Poon of the Jewish Air Forces! [Uncoached]

Alessandra Ambrosio wrist/elbow/forearm bras [Heyman]

Hot Chicks Pumping Gas! Isabel Lucas filling up her ride & wearing those jeans [MoeJackson]

We’re not sure why Bar Refaeli is wearing this but it would be a bitch for us to get off [CelebSlam]

Yet another Tiger mistress that we’ve never seen before – STACKED! [H8torade]

Oh Jesus! Oh God! Ashley Tisdale in this bikini! [The Beer Goggler]

Amy Jackson wouldn’t last 3 minutes with Busted Coverage because we’d be watching SportsCenter by 3:01 [Brosome]

Some dirty shit from Courtney Love [DListed]

Waste Company Time: 25 All-Time Greatest Defaced Dollars [Manofest]

6 Reasons To Buy Larry The Cable Guy’s House [EgoTV]

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